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Engineering the Future – together with you.

For nearly four decades, we have been developing smart technological solutions for today and tomorrow – together with you. We are your reliable expert for the automotive industry.

We design and produce flexible testing environments for infotainment, telematics and driver assistance systems – for you. We are forward-thinking, and work for companies of all sizes. Every challenge is equally important to us. Our focus: absolute customer satisfaction, achieved through our all-round, hassle-free service. This is how we make your every wish a reality – and why global players trust us. 

Discover on this website how we keep our promise. Day after day. And then challenge us yourself. During your daily project work with us, you will immediately experience how our experts grow together with your experts. Together, we become a team that resolutely pursues a common goal. And achieves it. Personal contact with you is important to us on this journey. Coupled with proven technological know-how, this creates an atmosphere of professional familiarity that results in the best solutions. Let’s tackle it: together.

Our all-round, hassle-free service: we are at your side. Always.

You may encounter hurdles on the way to achieving our common goal. For instance, you may need items that you cannot order via your sourcing platform, or customs may cause a problem, or the international shipping of racks may be a challenge. This is when we take over – releasing the brakes and getting the task done. In short: We are at your side. Always. We promise!

Case 3: racks in motion

We’ve delivered five large racks to you, which now urgently need to reach your office in China. Actually, they should be beamed there – that’s how much time is of the essence! But you’ve never arranged a shipment like this before, and your colleague is on holiday. How do you pack the racks safely? What do the customs requirements mean? How can this shipment now be sent out as quickly as possible? 

We dispatch such giants all the time. You’ll receive a quote from us in no time at all, and we’ll get started ASAP – with our knowledge of everything that needs to be taken into account. Including the freight documents. The information soon arrives from China:
„ 完美,一切安全到达!“
(“Perfect, everything’s arrived safely!”)


RUETZ TECHNOLOGIES in China: excellent engineering with a strong partner

Know-how2: with the development service provider YJ in Shanghai, we have gained a strong partner for our Asian business. Under the name YJ-RUETZ, we are now jointly maximising our engineering work. As a joint force, we are expanding in the forward-looking testing segment on the Chinese market – leading the country’s OEMs to new technological horizons. With its expertise in software development, YJ perfectly complements our know-how as a testing and development service provider. 

While this gives us in Munich excellent access to the Chinese market, our partner benefits from our in-depth expertise in wiring systems and from our cluster network. In close dialogue, we guarantee precise test bench implementation and the best technical support in China. Making for an ideal, mutual complement. 

YJ-RUETZ sees itself as a system-integrated supplier of authorised hardware equipment and trade services for the development of various test scenarios (testing cases database, testing toolchains and testing modules engineering).

Our products

Automotive testing tools of the highest level: quality you can count on

Frame 4.x

TESTERLYZER® Frame 4.x Flexible test environments and integration services for your system network tests – universally configurable with modular adaptor

Mobile Pilot


I-Box 4.x

TESTERLYZER® I-Box 4.x The ultimate distribution box for your component tests – integration and connections for up to 10 control

Flexible test environments for the wiring systems of today and tomorrow.

The right team for all your tasks

We love engineering!

We are constantly developing new hardware and software to adapt our testing environments to changing conditions. 

We manufacture to your specific requirements, and as a partner for your own designs. Count on our innovative strength, deadline reliability and quality awareness. And benefit from great value for money. 

Whether cars, yachts or consumer goods – with us, you can push the boundaries of what is technically feasible. We know all the key parameters and can customise them perfectly to your requirements. From conception to integration, we are your partner for impressive lighting experiences.

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