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Est. 1982

Test systems: we deliver what you expect

Development and manufacturing at the highest level.

We develop our own products and individually configured test systems according to customer requirements. This enables OEMs and suppliers to effectively harmonize their test strategies.

The path from innovation to market readiness should be a smooth one. As your development and production partner, RUETZ TECHNOLOGIES masters all the necessary steps. We work closely with you and offer you deadline reliability, quality and great value for money. 

The path most taken does not lead to new discoveries. Which is why we use our sharp minds as machetes in the jungle of options – opening up clear lines of sight that lead us to new technological solutions. A guarantee of this success is our exceptionally committed employees.

With our excellent reputation in the industry, we attract promising talent, ensure an empowering working environment, and give them a high level of personal responsibility while offering them the opportunity to continuously improve their qualifications. Employee turnover? There is hardly any with us. This means you are very likely to meet your familiar contacts even years later. The only difference to when you first met them: they have learnt a lot more since then.

The synergy of constantly updated know-how, continually deepening experience and exceptional motivation is a real booster – an effect that is clearly felt by our customers and forms the basis of our joint economic success.

The Matrix


New innovations can only be created if the conditions are right. The basis for this is three musts: a mind that is actively focused on the new innovation – this is our mission. Thinking that is constantly adjusted during the process – this is what drives us and our passion for technology. And flexible people with the ability to skilfully shape everything discovered along the way into new and sustainable approaches – that is what our hearts beat for. The result: unique solutions that bring real added value.


You have a dedicated line, so to speak, to your personal contact from the relevant specialist department. They always have an open ear for questions, changing requirements or other requests. We set high standards for ourselves and always offer you needs-based, cost-optimised solutions of the highest quality. Based on experience, expertise and the close collaboration with you. This is our understanding of high-quality and reliable service.


Thanks to our continuous quality assurance, we fully satisfy the highest standards. We ensure all processes in their entirety are included in the quality assessment. However, the most important factor is our collaboration with you. After all, it is you who decides when our products meet your requirements. That is why we rely on close cooperation involving frequent agreement talks.
This matrix is made possible and brought to life by various factors that characterise RUETZ TECHNOLOGIES. This begins with the open-minded corporate culture, is based on in-depth technological knowledge and continues with an efficient quality management system. Our team members also add their “intuition, creativity, idealism, joy in tackling the challenge and perseverance”. But that’s not all. Perhaps there are no words for it. But one thing is certain: you will experience it when you work with us.
Your reliable partner – flexible, adept, innovative

A brief look at our long history

Expertise, quality, and our customers’ trust – across four decades

Founder Stefan Ruetz

A man with a mind of his own, full of clear goals and a great love of cars – this is engineer Stefan Ruetz in one sentence. His vision could only lead in one direction: to founding RUETZ TECHNOLOGIES GmbH in 1982, with headquarters in Munich, Germany. 

The company is quickly successful – yet with cheers and tears through the highs and lows of the industry. The company changes, becomes specialised, and delivers pioneering innovations – all while remaining true to itself. This is also reflected in the way the company has consciously maintained its independence as a family business to this day. 

The more the automotive interior has evolved into a world of experiences, full of complex and sophisticated devices, the more RUETZ TECHNOLOGIES has positioned itself in a targeted way. Ever since then, we have been constantly fine-tuning our expertise in the design of flexible testing environments for infotainment, telematics and driver assistance systems for the automotive sector.

Numerous companies benefit from this expertise, including the BMW Group, Daimler AG, Volkswagen Group, LG, Intel, Garmin, Amazon and Google. RUETZ TECHNOLOGIES currently employs a team of approximately 30 members. The head office is located in Ismaning near Munich, with a branch office near Hamburg.

Managing Director since 2022
Stefan Ruetz
Quality management

The foundation on which to build a partnership:
the highest quality

Quality is a promise to our customers.
Quality is in everything we think and do.
Quality is our contribution to your success. 

And: our quality management is certified to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

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