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Sit back – we take care of everything

We always find the ideal solutions for your projects – with passion

Ruetz Technologies serves as an interface within engineering and manufacturing.

In doing so, we carefully incorporate your specific customisation requirements. We act flexibly, quickly and hassle-free for you. 

Our services:

  • Order processing and realisation of customer-specific product developments, incl. product documentation: CE, specifications, operating instructions, drawings
  • Customer-specific access to an FTP server for the required transfer of data, e.g. pinning, specifications, approvals
  • Project management: definition of the required manufacturing processes / series manufacturing
  • Integration of hardware developments, e.g. circuit boards and control electronics
  • Global shipping and support

All-round, hassle-free service:
ready for any challenge

We at RUETZ TECHNOLOGIES are a well-oiled team, whose members are in constant dialogue with one other. What one colleague may not know, another does. This allows us to tap into a wealth of knowledge – both for you and together with you. This results in exciting innovations, or solutions for everyday problems. 

Perhaps you are facing dispatch problems, or a rack is missing an essential detail or feature that was either completely unknown before the start of the project or not planned for as a potential future expansion. As a result, quick action is required – by us! Sometimes we manage this on our own, sometimes we call in external experts. Either way: we make (nearly) everything possible for you. 

Customize it …
but without any convoluted follow-up costs!

Quality begins with listening, as this creates clarity and transparency when it comes to your requirements.

We have known and lived this for decades. Even when technological details are new, we know the structures within which the solution is to be found. On this basis, we make our recommendations for test bench setups – from their planning to final implementation. Our recommendations are only made after careful analysis, also with regard to any problems. And before we rashly recommend concepts, we prefer to ask again. 

By listening to you, we also find out at which interfaces you actually need help. Up to the start of the project and throughout the entire process, you will experience us as a collegial partner. This is how trust is created – followed by perfection. And finally, we do everything we can to deliver reliably on your desired date.

The Ruetz promise:
all-round, hassle-free service

Of course, a big promise is only worth something if it is kept. When it comes to our service promise, we give you our hand – full of confidence. Allowing us to do this is the accumulated expertise of our employees, some of whom have been working for RUETZ TECHNOLOGIES for decades. In this way, knowledge remains within the company, can be shared at any time internally or with you – and is regularly enhanced through targeted qualifications.

Customised test environments for OEM control units:
mastering the complexity

Our diverse range of services gives you peace of mind. A potential scenario: during the process, you have special requests that require components from the other side of the globe. Even under extreme deadline pressure: we source these, modify them as required and integrate them into your test rack. These can be special cable solutions, connector materials, small mechanical parts, brackets, relay cards, switches, power supply units, industrial PCs, measurement and simulation tools, software control via a remote/web interface, or touch displays. Your specifications are now 100% fulfilled.
Or you need additional items that you can only order to a limited extent or at great additional expense. Whether it is microphones, speakers, antennas, special cables, GBIT ethernet APIX or anything else: we take care of it – and you get everything from just one supplier. Depending on your requirements, this is possible via a framework agreement or an extended workbench solution.
Shipping your racks to locations or suppliers worldwide is also part of our day-to-day business. From secure packaging to collection, we take care of everything, including export declarations and shipping documents, via sea or air freight shipping in cooperation with renowned carriers. These ensure a reliable door-to-door service based on INCOTERMS© 2020.
And when the rack arrives, we are ready to provide first-level support worthy of the name – from start-up to maintenance.

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