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Light – from emission
to emotion

Whether you need lighting solutions for

Consumer products,


yachts or 


… we are your experts. And do everything we can to ensure your vision lights up the world to make an emotional impact.

From the idea to the planning to the customised manufacturing.

Emotionen sind verkaufsentscheidend

From a physical point of view, light is an emission – for us humans, it primarily causes emotions. Whether these are positive or negative depends on factors such as luminous intensity (cd), colour temperature (K), luminance (cd/m&sup2), luminous flux (lumen) and the form of illumination. When these parameters are optimally harmonised in your product, they ensure positive emotions – one of the key factors in deciding which product to buy.

So that customers actually choose your product,
we take care of …

… and find solutions for the following applications of use

In short: we are your partner for all your individual lighting needs

Our services centred on lighting:

Concept development

Installation space assessment

Technical design review

LED selection

Optics and fibre-optics design

Material selection

Construction design using SolidWorks / CATIA
Engineering of control units (hardware and software)
Simulation and design of optical systems (beam tracking, homogeneity, colour matching, brightness distribution)
Thermal analysis and thermal management
Lighting measurements

CE certification 

Engineering for series manufacturing 

Exclusive lighting solutions


AEQUILUX hand railing system –
unique worldwide

The globally unique glass from AEQUILUX shines to perfection thanks to surface-lasered flat glass in combination with innovative LED technology. With the AEQUILUX hand railing system, homogeneously illuminated glass can be integrated into a ready-to-install hand railing system for the first time:


The never-been-seen-before – a reality


Individualisation beyond technical barriers

Are you planning an extraordinary lighting concept for a unique yacht? Something that has never been seen before? And something that looks amazing – but still has to meet the highest technical standards and safety requirements?

Challenge us with your brilliant vision – we will realise it.

Whatever you are planning, we will perfectly customise all the key parameters to your requirements. For an impressive and emotionally moving lighting experience.

Idea, planning, customised manufacturing: we are always there for you.

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Project manager / Lighting,
Head of Hamburg branch office

T +49 4532 4089932
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