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Flexible tests for reviewing the design and functionality

The TESTERLYZER® ExBox is the basis for various setups for tests on control units and software as well as for vehicle-related services in research and development. Whether functional tests or compatibility tests, software development with realistic vehicle equipment, or error analysis in development and series manufacturing support, and much more: the functionality and modular plug-in systems of the ExBox offer you the flexibility you need to simplify and accelerate your engineering work.

CAN low

CAN high


RS 232

100 — 240 V






The TESTERLYZER® ExBox provides a 13.2 V DC power supply, a voltage and current display, and terminal switching. It is possible to connect an external voltage source for extended testing tasks. The control units are connected to each other via the connection to the back-panel wiring (internal bus, can be customised on request). 

The TESTERLYZER® ExBox features a larger height than the TESTERLYZER® Frame 4.x, allowing a 19″ screen to be installed, as well as an additional interface panel and a device base. CAN buses and UART connections can be tapped on the front panel of the TESTERLYZER® Frame 4.x RSE. Our integration service includes a test environment according to customer wishes and specifications, e.g. for telephones, GPS systems, radios and many other control units from current vehicle series that are used as part of research and development in many company divisions. This test environment is used for:

  • Functionality tests of electronic control units
  • Firmware/software design
  • Testing and maintenance in modelled vehicle interiors
  • Functionality tests of new designs, as well as of field returns
  • Development and testing of services from the service provider
  • Compatibility testing of control units from third parties


  • Flexible error analysis as part of development and series manufacturing support
  • Easiest-possible replacement of components and control unit adaptors
  • Flexibility thanks to modular system
  • Modular plug-in systems
  • Low ceiling clearance along with high mobility
  • Hassle-free manufacturing of equipment variants
  • Full service and support on-site enable fast reactions to adaptations of the integration steps


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whether functionality test
or software design with realistic vehicle equipment – speed up your work.



Right side

Technical specifications
Dimensions (W × H × D)
510 × 920 × 400 mm
30 kg
Primary voltage
100 — 240 V (50 — 60 Hz)
Electricity capacity
4 A
Power input
250 W
Secondary voltage
13,2 V DC · 15 A secured
Voltage tapping
1× device voltage on banana plug (5 A secured)
External voltage input
0 — 16 V DC · externally secured at max. 15 A (30 f)
Temperature-controlled fan
Noise level
< 50 dB (A)
Protection class
IP 20
max. 80 % (relative moisture)
Storage temperature
–10 °C to +70 °C
Operating temperature
+5 °C to +35 °C
Areas of use
Laboratory, office
Pollution level