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Frame 4.x

Flexible test environments and integration services for your system network tests – universally configurable with modular adaptor pins.

The TESTERLYZER® Frame offers a flexible test environment for vehicle control units in the system network and is easily accessible from all sides. The panel design, unit carriers and cable adaptors are customised to suit the customer.

CAN high

CAN low


RS 232

100 — 240 V





The TESTERLYZER® Frame 4.x includes a TESTERLYZER® I-Box 4.x as standard and provides the basis for various setups for testing control units, software and vehicle-related services in research and development. 

Via the TESTERLYZER® I-Box 4.x, the TESTERLYZER® Frame 4.x provides a 13.2 V DC power supply, a voltage and current display, and terminal switching. It is possible to connect an external voltage source for extended test tasks. The control units are connected to each other via a modular cable adaptation on the back-panel wiring, with distribution to standardised adaptor slots and interfaces (internal bus, user-definable on request). Separate 12 V auxiliary voltage, CAN buses and UART connections can be tapped on the front panel of the TESTERLYZER® Frame 4.x. 

The TESTERLYZER® I-Box 4.x contains a button control panel with optional expansion possibilities for remote control and the reading of various functionality blocks. Manual switching and triggering of freely assignable CAN messages are also possible as an option.

Frame 4.x

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  • Bosch profile panel with adjustable device feet, base plate, intermediate plate and cover plate
  • 3 levels of control unit racks
  • Integration of additional panel setups is possible (e.g. rear seat, FAS, camera module)

Front panel

  • Series-dependent panel design in agreement with the customer
  • Interfaces according to customer requirements

Distribution box

The I-Box 4.0 features a metal housing and is the heart of the Frame 4.0.
Power supply and universal wiring distribution for the TESTERLYZER® Frame 4.0 in a single device.

Side panel

  • Adaptable panel design according to requirements
  • Additional functions and interfaces going beyond system operation

Cable adaptors

RUETZ TECHNOLOGIES configures the modular connection adaptors according to the requirements of the system test environment and integrates them into the TESTERLYZER® Frame 4.0. Adaptors can be ordered separately for future upgrades.




Technical specifications
Dimensions (W × H × D)
510 × 770 × 400 mm
19,8 kg
Primary voltage
100 — 240 V (50 — 60 Hz)
Electricity capacity
4 A
Power input
250 W
Secondary voltage
13,2 V DC · 15 A secured
Voltage tapping
6× Sub-D 9
External voltage input
0 — 16 V DC · externally secured at max. 15 A (30 f)
Temperature-controlled fan
Noise level
< 50 dB (A)
Protection class
IP 20
max. 80 % (relative moisture)
Storage temperature
–10 °C to +70 °C
Operating temperature
+5 °C to +35 °C
Areas of use
Laboratory, office
Pollution level